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Probate and Insurance Valuations

Probate Valuations are a sensitive but essential part of valuing an estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Our qualified and professional Valuation service will not only offer a stress free independent service and peace of mind but also:

  • Helps calculate the correct amount of inheritance tax payable

  • Executors will have a clearer picture of the estate for inheritance payments


Insurance Valuations are a must in the ever changing Fine Wine market. We work closely with Insurers and Private Clients to catalogue and value wine collections for both Underwriting and Settlement purposes.

We value private cellars and commercial stocks and will provide a comprehensive report for each valuation to reach an Agreed Valuation.

Our qualified and professional service includes:

  • Site Visits - Home, Bond, Commercial

  • Extensive Cataloguing  - Including Photography

  • PDF Agreed Valuation Forms

  • UK Wide Service

  • Solicitor Liaison

  • Recommendations for Sale

Our valuation rate is £60 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour.

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Wine Valuation FAQs

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