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Focused on Languedoc

Why Languedoc ?

Monaco, St. Tropez, fast cars and impossible glamour. The south of France with its backdrop of clear blue skies and dazzling turquoise seas has long been a symbol of the good life, the finest things money can buy. However take an hours drive west from Monaco and you meet a different France, sleepier and slower, a throwback to an earlier age. And to those in the know, this forgotten and ancient wine region has been quietly reviving its old reputation for providing some of the finest quality wines to be found anywhere in the world. The epicentre of this viticultural revival is the Languedoc.

Of all the things the Romans did for us, perhaps the one we can be most grateful for is introducing the vine to France where it's juice would find its greatest expressions. It was in the Languedoc where the vine first found its home however, making the Languedoc the oldest wine region in France. Fast forward over 2000 years and the region, once a byword for mass production, has found a new expression in the domaines and châteaus of a small number of dedicated and talented vignerons. These 'hidden gems' are the reason for which, at the writing of this piece two young English wine merchants have braved choppy seas and French driving to bring you back a selection of the finest the Languedoc has to offer!

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