A real blockbuster of a red wine, this Amarone is the result of deeply concentrated grapes which are dried out to intensify both flavour and alcohol. Not for the faint-heated, this relatively young wine will benefit from a few hours in a decanter, but is an absolute pleasure to drink.

The healthiest, ripest bunches of grapes undergo a unique drying process (Appassimento) that take place, on plateaux, in a well naturally ventilated loft. The grapes lose at least the 35% of their original weight thereby concentrating sugar, aromatic compounds and noble tannins. In January the grapes are gently crushed and the fermentation starts at low temperature(13-17 C). 12-15 days of skin-must maceration at 20 to 26 °C (72 to 84 F) in steel tanks 100 hl of capacity. Regular remontages (twice a day). Transfer to oak barrels of 350 ,500 and 2000 litres of various origins and composition and age, mostly from Allier forest.

Blend: Corvina 45%, Corvinone 40%, Rondinella 10%, Oseleta 5%

Enjoy with stewed meat, roasted red meats and seasoned cheeses.

Musella Amarone della Valpolicella