© 2017 by Morgan Edwards.

‘Smoky from the off, but also generous and soft, mixing lightly earthy, lush black fruits (cherry, cooked plum) with a lightly meaty (biltong?) element. Autumnal and complex. As it opens, so things become more briny with some tarry phenols before the currants come through, alongside some cedar. On the palate an immediate and beautifully balanced mix of fruits and smoke. The finishing cask adds layers of pomegranate molasses, cherry and fig that give depth to a meaty, smoky, slightly salty spirit. Composed and long.Aged for 12 years in ex-Bourbon casks and then a further 15 months in Malbec casks from South Africa’s legendary De Toren Private Cellar. Limited to 9,000 bottles. Seek one out. You will not be disappointed.’ - Dave Broom


With correct presentation box.

Longrow Red 13 Year Old, Malbec Cask, Springbank, Campbeltown