In the heart of the Robertson Valley in the Cape Winelands, travelling on the world’s longest wine route, you’ll come across Ashton Winery.

Here, between the gently-flowing Breede River and the foothills of the Langeberg, the environment is perfect for producing quality wines that people simply love.

The climate is unique. So are the soil varieties. And their viticultural practices have been perfected over many generations, yielding harvests of consistently high quality. Some of the vineyards from which they source have implemented organic practices – farming with nature to release more soil nutrients for example – and the results are amazing.


Tasting Note:

A full-bodied wine with orange peel and soft tropical fruit characters. The buttery palate and creamy tones complement the bouquet, enriching the typical Chardonnay characters.

Ashton Winery - Chardonnay