Shipped and Bottled by Charles Kinloch & CO LTD, London.

Level: VTS


One of the finest and most important vintages of the 20th century, the Douro experienced highly advantageous conditions resulting in both quality and quantity. Twenty-five shippers declared.


Graham's has a reputation as a producer of outstanding Vintage Port for well over a century. These wines are renowned for their remarkable richness, concentration and firm tannic structure: a combination which yields impressive longevity. Graham's Vintage Ports consistently attain the highest ratings in tastings and invariably attract very high bids at fine wine auctions.

Vintage Ports are only made in years of exceptionally high quality harvests, which on average occur two or three times in a decade. The weather in the vineyards is the principal determining factor: conditions must be ideal throughout the growing season, as well as during the subsequent harvest.

Graham's extraordinary quality is the result of the unique characteristics of the five vineyards that contribute to the Vintage Port.


"Power, dimension and character are all hallmarks of this most memorable Vintage. Even after many years, the Graham's 1963 never fails to impress, with its superbly balanced components of fruit, tannin and elegance. This wine conveys rose-petal aromas and the flavours of concentrated and caramelised fruit are in perfect balance. A legend in the history of Port." -

1963 W & J Graham's Vintage Port Level: Very Top Shoulder