• Morgan Edwards

Pairing Wine with Pizza

Wine and Pizza is a classic pairing combination but what wine should you choose to go with your topping of choice? We tried and tested many combinations in our Knutsford shop and this is what we discovered...

1. Margherita Pizza

WINE: Dry Rosé

WHY: Lighter reds and fresh Rose wine is the perfect combination for this lightly flavoured pizza with fresh ingredients such as basil.

2. Pepperoni Pizza

WINE:Sangiovese or Cabernet Franc

WHY: Because of the fat content of pepperoni, it imbues its flavour throughout the cheese on every slice. You’ll need a strong wine with intense flavours to counterbalance ‘the pepperoni effect’.

3. Hawaiian Pizza

WINE:Riesling or Zinfandel

WHY: Riesling acts as a palate cleanser and the sweetness of the Riesling will elevate your ham pineapple experience to a new level.

4. Barbecue Chicken Pizza

WINE:Malbec or Touriga Nacional

WHY:fruit forward wine, is what you should be looking for when pairing with a sweeter style BBQ sauce.

5. Sausage Pizza

WINE:Syrah or Pinotage

WHY: If you are, chances are you might also like bolder red wines too, so it’s lucky that they go so well together.

What's your favourite pizza and wine combo? Let us know below!

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